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Pavement Art


Pavement art has grown in popularity in recent years with image sharing over the internet. Since 2005 Garry has been concentrating on Pavement Art. In 2006 Garry travelled to Europe landing first in Rome and basing himself there for over 3 years. During that time Garry worked in Italy, Spain and Austria recreating renaissance and baroque master pieces on the street and picking up commissions. Since 2010 Garry has  been working in Australia and can often be seen working In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and occasionally regional cities and towns.  


Pavement Art as Busking.

Pavement artists have been practicing the artform as a source of much needed revenue for over 400 years.  In Italy the word for pavement artist is "Madonnaro" a word in which refers to the "Madonna and child" theme which was popular for street painters in the 17th century. Many countries have their own terms for the artform, In America they are often refered to sidewalk artists or street painters, In England the art form is commonly referred to as screeving. Whether you are a Madonnaro, Screever, Pavement Artist or Street Painter one thing remains the same a sore back and a bag of change at the end of the day.

 Pavement Art for Festivals.

Live art is a popular spectacle which still captivates the imagination of the public. Pavement art is a popular attraction for street festivals in Australia, Europe and the United States.


Corporate events and advertising.

What better way to advertise your event or product than using pavement art. The very nature of pavement art is designed to engage viewers and interact with the artist as they are creating the work. Pavement art is an ideal tool for marketing, creating a memorable experience especially with 3D pavement art  to make your campaign go viral.


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