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 Wall Murals and Street Art


Mural created for private client in Muscat, Oman. 

With over 20 years experience in creating large scale images with chalk and paint, wall murals are second nature for Garry. Garry has created Murals in Australia, Italy and Oman for a range of clients.

Murals are an effective way of creating a colourful environment and talking point for what generally is a bland walled surface. Wall murals can be created to be decorative, dramatic, serve a political purpose or even give instructions for members of the public. Murals can be created permanently on the wall of a structure or premade on canvas to be installed.  Large scale acylic paintings have been created as show stoppers for events and expos. Garry is currently based in Perth, Western Australia but travels extensively creating street art. 


Garry can design a mural for your home or business.